Dream About Waiting – What Does It Mean?

Dream About Waiting – What Does It Mean?

A dream about waiting may be a warning against complacency or a sign that good fortune is fleeting. It may also represent authority or power. You should enjoy your good fortune while it lasts. The dream may also be a sign that you should take advantage of an opportunity while you have it.


If you dreamed about waiting, it suggests that you are impatient, and that you are waiting for something to happen. Your dream may also suggest that you are having problems in your relationships or need guidance. The wait in your dream may also reflect the need to make decisions that may be difficult for you.

Waiting in your dream is a representation of a situation where you are in a long line. You may be impatient, irritable, or unsure of your decisions. Waiting in your dream could also indicate that you need to learn patience and stay calm. You may feel that you are waiting to be recognized for your efforts.

If you dream about waiting in a public place, you may be in a waiting room. This may signify that you are worried about a project or are unsure of the outcome of a situation. However, if you wait for a train or a plane, it may also mean that you need help from an important person at work.

A dream about waiting for a loved one can be indicative of a stressful time in your life. You may be facing difficult decisions regarding your education, your career, or your relationships. Your partners may have high expectations of you, and you may be feeling stressed. It may also be a sign of a gynecological problem or shame.


A dream that includes waiting for someone or something may reflect your feelings about control and independence. This type of dream may also be indicative of impatience. If you are impatient with a situation, this is a sign that you are having unrealistic expectations. You may also be anxious about making decisions and not being in control of the situation. Waiting in a dream can also mean that you are having difficulties accepting the fact that you do not have control over the situation.

If you have a dream that involves waiting for a train or plane, this may represent a lack of certainty in your future prospects. This can cause a feeling of failure. If you’re rushing to catch a train or plane, this may indicate that you’re being overly ambitious or worried about failing.

Another common interpretation for waiting in a dream is that you’re about to reveal a secret. Your family or partner may be able to help you by explaining your situation. But if you’re afraid of the reaction they might receive, the dream may be a warning to change your behavior.

Dreaming of a full waiting room is a sign that you need to be patient to resolve a situation. You may be praying for the solution to your problems, but it won’t be a quick fix. Fortunately, you can learn from this dream to learn to be patient.


Waiting in a dream can mean a number of things. For a man, it may mean that he is a protector. He will try to protect the woman in his dreams and will often treat her in such a way that she feels needy. Likewise, it may mean that he wants to start a business together.

The unconscious desires of waiting for a train are often associated with the desire to change one’s lifestyle. However, this dream suggests that waiting for a train is not a passive thing to do. Instead of waiting passively, one should become more active and engage in an interesting pastime. Waiting in a dream can also be a metaphor for failure or the need to make a major change in one’s life.

In your dream, waiting for a person is an emotional feeling, and should be taken seriously. Waiting for someone to arrive means that you are in a situation where you are trying to make an important decision. This dream may be a warning about an impending conflict with someone. Alternatively, it may signify that you are trying to find a sensible solution to a problem.

Waiting for someone in your dream can also be a sign of a desire that is impossible to achieve. It may indicate that you are anxious about making decisions and relying on others. Waiting for someone in your dream could be a reflection of a desire you have for someone.