Do You Dream About Being on Top of a Skyscraper?

If you dream of being on top of a skyscraper, you might feel like you are above all others. This feeling is symbolized by the powerful woman in your life. You may also be afraid of falling off the building. It is important to know why you are feeling this way and how you can overcome your fears.

Fear of falling from a building

Falling from a building in a dream can be a frightening experience. It may even seem as though it is very vivid in your dream.

Nevertheless, it can also be a good sign. Often, dreams about falling indicate difficult situations in life. Dreaming about falling can bring about the need for you to reassess your priorities in real life. You need to be more serious about your career and business. If you have been climbing the corporate ladder, you may find that you need to fall.

Seeing another person jump from a skyscraper in your dream can be a symptom of something that needs attention. Your loved ones may not be showing you their affection and attention. You may feel that you aren’t being given the respect you deserve. This could be because you haven’t built a stable future for yourself.

Having trouble communicating with your family in your dream is a sign of problems in your family. This could be because you haven’t been taking a good look at your relationship. However, you should not be afraid to discuss your issues.