Dream About Dead – What is the Meaning of This Dream?

Usually when we have a dream about dead, it can be a warning about something that we should be aware of. It is also an indication that we should deal with something that we are carrying around with us. Whether it is guilt or grief, it is important to deal with it. Seeing a corpse … Read more

Dream About Broken Glass – What Does It Mean?

Having a dream about a broken glass can symbolize a number of different things. These include: Frailty, Disappointment, Loss of faith, and Shattered glass. These dreams can also be associated with the dreamer’s emotions and feelings. Shattered glass Having a dream about broken glass can be a frightening experience. However, it can also offer solutions … Read more

The Meaning of Dream About Breastfeeding

Whether you are breastfeeding in your dream or you are not, this dream is symbolic of your motherly instincts. It also represents the meaning of love and passion. It’s a reflection of your motherly instincts Seeing someone breastfeeding in a dream can mean several things. One of them is that someone in the dream is … Read more

Meaning of Dream About Bathroom

Having a dream about the bathroom could mean many things, depending on your dream. The bathroom could be full of water, overflowing or without doors. Or, it could mean that you are in a bad mood and not feeling well. Embrace change Embrace change is a good thing, and bathroom dreams have a way of … Read more

Meaning of Dream About Rainbows

Having a dream about rainbows can have a lot of meaning. One can have a dream about a rainbow in the sky, a rainbow in the water, or even a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it. Whatever the case may be, it is always exciting to see a rainbow in … Read more

Meaning of Dream About Positive Pregnancy Test

Seeing a positive pregnancy test in your dreams is an indication of a positive and healthy pregnancy. Seeing a negative pregnancy test can symbolize negative aspects of your life, including a situation that someone is trying to gossip and conspire against you. In addition, a positive pregnancy test can represent hope and expectations for a … Read more

What is the Meaning of a Dream About Poop?

Having a dream about poop in your dream means you are experiencing a lot of problems and troubles. You are not able to flush the poop out of your body and you are not able to get rid of the smell. This is a sign of your feeling embarrassed and pessimistic. Defecating signifies shame and … Read more

Meaning of Dream About Number

Having a dream about a number means that you’ll have to learn a new skill, or that something will change in your life. If you have ever had a dream where you see a number, it may be the beginning of a new career or a new love. The number can also symbolize your ability … Read more

Dream About Fire – What Does it Mean?

Having a dream about fire is a dream that can cause a lot of problems. If you are wondering what it means, there are a few things that you should know. Seeing a fire in the sky Seeing a fire in the sky in your dream can mean many things. It could also be a … Read more

What is the Meaning of a Dream About Evil?

Having a dream of evil can be very scary, especially if you have experienced trauma in your life. Having an evil dream can have many different types of meanings. The most common type of meaning involves getting sick or getting ill-wishers. There are other types of dreams, which include fighting with a demon, feeding a … Read more

Dream About Travel – What Does It Mean?

Having a dream about traveling can have a number of different meanings. If you dream of traveling, it can either mean that you would like to take a trip or that you’re getting sick while traveling. It can also mean that you’re dreaming of going to a foreign country or that you’re seeing other people … Read more

Meaning of Dream About Shower

Whether you’ve dreamed of a shower or not, there are a few things to consider about what your dream could mean. For example, if you dream of a shower, it may mean that you’re on the road to recovery from physical or mental sickness. It could also mean that you’re on the path to forgiveness. … Read more

Meaning of Dream About Haircut

Whether you are thinking about having a haircut or you have had a dream where you have a haircut, the meaning of your dream will depend on how you interpret it. A haircut may represent something negative, such as a bad haircut that you have had, or it could represent something positive, such as a … Read more