Do You Dream About Becoming Thin?

If you have ever dreamed of becoming thin, you aren’t alone. There are millions of people around the world who have a similar dream. Many of these individuals have been successful in their goals. However, others aren’t so fortunate.

Thin man

If you dream of a thin man, you are experiencing something big and difficult. You might be in a relationship that isn’t working out or you might be unsure of what is going on around you. It’s important to avoid discussing these topics in a delicate way.

This dream is a warning that you are not able to deal with the situation you are in. Your emotions are being suppressed and you are not able to consider your options.

Another reason you might have this dream is that you are being neglected. Your life has been miserable, and you feel like no one is listening to you.

You may also be experiencing problems related to your health or economic conditions. You might be feeling as though your credit is being misused or you are not receiving credit for your work.

Misshapen legs

When it comes to a dream, legs are king. Not only do they keep you upright, they also symbolize your monetary fortunes. If you dream of a leg, you might be in for a rude awakening. This is especially true if you happen to be one of those lucky people with a lot of leg muscles.

The best way to interpret a leg-centric dream is to understand the context in which it is conceived. For example, if you are dreaming of a leg-less person, you might be referring to a friend or family member who is physically weak or has a debilitating disease. Alternatively, a leg-less person could mean a lost love or relationship. In either case, the best course of action would be to contact the afflicted and help them get their bearings.

Thick water

There are many reasons to dream about becoming thin with thick water. The first and foremost is the sheer amount of money we would save if we were to swallow a liquid instead of gulping it down. Aside from that, we have all heard of the plagues that have plagued humankind. Hopefully we can save ourselves from the ravages of time. One way is to learn about our options. Some people are fortunate enough to enjoy a plethora of medical insurance companies specializing in the treatment of cancer patients, the elderly, and others afflicted with diabetes. These companies have a litany of programs, policies, and procedures that are aimed at protecting our most treasured asset. If we take care of ourselves, we can live longer, healthier lives.


Having a dream about becoming thin can be a very confusing experience. You may find yourself worrying about starvation or not being able to do your usual activities. The dream may also represent a desire for change.

Dreaming about becoming thin can indicate a need to clean up your life, or to do something about the problems you have. Being too thin is a sign of lack of personal power, or it can be a symptom of poor health. If you dream that you are becoming thin, you are indicating that your idealistic notions of life are fading.

Alternatively, your dream about being thin may be an indication of your fear of losing control of your life. This fear may be a symptom of anxiety or stress. Your dream about becoming thin can also be a symptom of depression.