Why You Shouldn’t Dream About Getting Fined

If you are going through a hard time, you may dream about getting fined. This dream could be a representation of something you have done that you have not been forgiven for. For example, you could dream about being caught red-handed in a store, or even paying a fine for running a red light. In either case, you would be resentful and angry about the punishment you received, and you could be thinking about ways you could avoid paying it.

Paying a fine for going through a red light

Often, dreams about paying a fine have a lot to do with your feelings about the way the world works. Your feelings of guilt about mistakes you’ve made in the past may be hidden in the dream. In fact, there is a definite reason why you should not worry about paying a fine. You’ll be learning valuable lessons from the punishment that’s about to be administered on you.

For instance, a person who has just been given a fine for driving through a red light may be feeling a little confused. He or she might be embarrassed to admit the mistake to others. This could be due to a lack of experience, or maybe they are just feeling like they’re not good enough to handle the responsibility.

Another person who has just been given a ticket for driving through a red light might be worrying about a looming financial crisis. They might also be afraid of losing their job, or being fired from their current position. Then, they might be worried about the cost of a fine, which might be several hundred dollars.

Trying to evade paying a fine

If you have a license to drive then you are well aware of the dangers of failing to pay your traffic fines. If you fail to pay you could end up with an arrest warrant, license suspension and even jail time. While the law may not be enforcing your fines, you might not have to wait to be served as some cities have begun offering a form of insurance for your fines. A good defense is to contact a competent lawyer and see what he can do for you.

The same applies to evading your bus ticket. In New Jersey, the fines are a fraction of the cost to ride the light rail. To make the most of your fines, contact a skilled criminal attorney to negotiate a payment plan.

Paying for your sins from the past

When it comes to dreams, it isn’t always easy to tell if yours is the real thing or just your mind playing tricks on you. A dream that involves a fine is likely a case of the old nemesis wherein you are stuck with a hefty bill to pay for something you may have done or said in the past. If you have recently had a run-in with a stranger, you may have stepped on their toes. You are also likely to find yourself in an embarrassing situation in front of many people, a situation that a fine can help to avoid.

It isn’t uncommon to see people pay fines and fees in the dream world, and the amount of money that you can expect to spend can be as much as a few months’ salary, depending on your jurisdiction. If you are on the hook for a few thousand dollars, you might be better off making sure you do the right thing and make your payments on time.