Meaning of Dream About Telekinesis

Having a dream about telekinesis is something you may dream of if you are having a mind dream. You may see yourself as a sorceress who can bend spoons and levitate objects. You may also dream about a dream in which you are floating above the earth.


Having a dream of levitation may symbolize various different things. It may represent a need to take control of your life or a desire to be strong and wise. Alternatively, it may be a harbinger of a negative outcome.

To achieve levitation in a dream, you need to focus on yourself. To do this, you need to visualize energy flowing from your hands and into an object. You also need to be able to feel the energy rising. If you fall while levating, it means you’re fearful of failure. You need to keep trying to achieve your goals.

If you dream of levitating an object, it may represent a need for protection. You’re also likely to want to impress others. You may also want to show off your strength and intelligence.

Seeing yourself as a sorceress

Considering I’m a sucker for the oddball, I have had my fair share of telekinesis dreams. I’ve also had my fair share of mundane mundanes and a few oh so mundane mundanes. Thankfully, I’ve never encountered a witch. The most notable experience I’ve had was on the receiving end of a sexless and sexually ecstatic buffoon who can’t even stand the giddy bubba in the dark. For a while, I’d let my guard down in anticipation of an epic showdown. I had to hold my own if I wanted to make it to the finish line. I still haven’t recovered. Luckily, I’ve got some ideas. Hopefully, you haven’t had the same experience. You’re probably on the verge of a major life change, or are looking for one in the near future.

Bending spoons with your mind

Having a dream about telekinesis and bending spoons with your mind may mean you have the desire to impress someone. You may also be showing off your strength or desire to intimidate someone. You may also be feeling like your mind is full of thoughts and ideas.

To be able to bend spoons with your mind you must first visualize the object. Once you have done this, you must focus on it. Then you must feel the object. If you are still feeling a little tired, you can try breathing slowly.

You will also need to close your eyes. Now you will feel the energy move through your arms and fingers. The energy then gets dammed up in your fingers. Then you will be able to release the energy into the spoon. You have about 5-30 seconds to make it hard.

Having a mind dream about telekinesis

Having a mind dream about telekinesis is not as common as it should be. People who claim to have telekinesis have a difficult time convincing others that they can do what they claim. This can be a major hindrance to success.

In order to have a mind dream about telekinesis, you will need to find a balance between daydreaming and action. This may mean using your imagination to create a reality. You may have to find ways around a bureaucracy or a physical limitation. You may also need to find a way to break free of a stifling relationship or obstacle.

The most important thing to remember is to strike the right balance. If you can’t control your telekinesis, you may lose sight of the real world. Having a mind dream about telekinesis may suggest a need for growth or a breakthrough.