Meaning of Dream About Movie Theater

Having a dream about a movie theater is a good sign that you are creative, have high ideals and are able to achieve your goals. It is also a good sign that you are mature and have good character, are not afraid of hard work and have good communication skills.

Signs of immature behavior

Seeing as how the movie theater is the locale of choice for most of us, it is no surprise that this is a place where immaturity is the order of the day. This is especially true for teens who are still navigating the minefield that is high school. A good litmus test is to ask friends and family members to assess their own state of infancy. For the best results, be honest and forthright. Those who are more reticent will be a much harder sell. One thing for sure, immaturity is not for everyone. Those who make it a point to avoid this unfortunate mishap will find themselves well on their way to success. As such, a good plan of action is essential. Thankfully, there is a plethora of information available online to guide you through the maze that is the school system. Whether you are seeking to improve your grades or rehabilitate your errant behavior, this is a great place to start.


Using movies as a vehicle to explore the creative process is a great idea. There are tens of thousands of ideas in a movie, from music to colors to the design of sets and characters. Movies explore the struggle to bring a creative idea to fruition.

In the movie industry, the initial idea is often called a “high concept”. The process usually takes four to five years. The process involves many people, and requires extensive creativity. Moviegoers want to experience something new. This is why giving them what they want is the ultimate motto of business.

Creative dreaming can occur by chance or by intent. It can happen when you are intensely occupied with a subject in waking life. You might find that you are ready to solve a problem, or you might find yourself grappling with a problem that has been bothering you for a while.