Meaning of Dream About Castle

Trying to storm a castle in your dream can be a sign of your desire to feel secure and safe. It can also be a sign of your desire to live in a beautiful white castle with pure and honorable intentions. It can also be a sign of a long term goal that you want to attain.

White castle symbolizes honorable and pure intentions

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Living in a castle symbolizes your long-term goals

Often, dreams of castles symbolize long term goals. They can be a sign of achievement, or a warning against over-estimating your possibilities. They may also symbolize your strong desire to achieve wealth or prestige.

Castles are often built to be large and strong, to prevent people from invading their territory. This means that you may be wishing to acquire wealth and prestige, but may also be feeling trapped in your current situation. If you dream of a castle, it could also mean that you are feeling insecure about your own power or status.

A castle may also symbolize the need for space in your life. If you dream of a large castle with plenty of room, it could mean that you have abundance in your life, but you need space to live your true desires.

If you dream of a castle that is falling down, it could represent a collapse of your big dreams. If you dream of a castle that has bare walls, it could mean that you are in financial difficulty. You may also dream of a castle that has a moat, which symbolizes strong defenses.