How to Deal With a Dream About How Evil You Could Be

In the dream I had, I saw myself as an evil person who had no friends and no purpose. And it was only my own selfishness that caused me to become like that. It was a bad dream, but I know it was not true.

Spiritual Meaning

If you dream about meeting the devil, you should pay close attention to the ways you interact with others. This can be a good omen. But if you have a bad dream about the devil, you should avoid temptation. It could be a sign that you have an unfaithful partner. You might also want to be careful about revealing personal information.

The devil in a dream represents negative, evil energy. He is the cause of the chaos that surrounds us. In many religions, water is used for ritualistic purposes. When you see a waterfall in a dream, it symbolizes a desire for change. You need to understand that your emotional life is always in flux. A waterfall can also be a symbol of self-awareness.

A bald eagle in a dream means that you are encouraged to follow your instincts and to trust your intuition. However, if you shoot an eagle in a rifle, it means that you are being ruthless.


When you dream about being in a place of eternal darkness, this is a figurative symbol of danger and can be an expression of a lack of control in your life. You may be losing your sense of morality and integrity, or you may be easily influenced by others. It is important to distance yourself from these influences. If you are struggling with personal problems, a dream about being in a place of darkness can give you a warning that you need to take action.

If you have a dream about the devil, it may represent a desire to punish yourself for an evil act. Be sure to forgive yourself before taking revenge. Avoid any temptations and focus on spirituality. However, be careful not to blame anyone else for your actions. Instead, provide them with a gift of peace to help them deal with their emotions.