Dream About Killing an Ostrich? Find Out What Your Dream Means

If you’ve ever had a dream about killing an ostrich, it may be helpful to understand what your dream means. It’s possible to take a positive interpretation of your dream, or a negative interpretation. There are also many spiritual meanings, which you’ll want to be sure to explore.

Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of dreaming of killing an ostrich can be an indication of the strength of your will. This animal symbolizes overcoming failures and growing from them. It is also the symbol for an ambitious person who strives to achieve great things.

If you are looking for ways to improve your life, adopting an ostrich totem can help. This animal is linked to learning, reasoning, and solving puzzles. In addition, it is associated with human capital and happiness.

An ostrich may appear in your dreams as a spirit guide. This means that it will warn you against impulsive actions, blind trust, and ignoring red flags. Instead, you should follow a structured and methodical approach to your problems.

The feathers on an ostrich are said to represent the power of truth and purity. They can also symbolize hope and optimism. For instance, if you dream of catching an ostrich, it suggests that you will soon meet someone who will help you achieve your goals.

Positive Interpretation

If you have a dream of killing an ostrich, it may be a warning to reassess your goals. The bird can symbolize a strong, independent individual who is capable of taking risks and making decisions. But it can also mean bad luck.

To interpret an ostrich dream, you must be careful not to skip important details. You should write down your dreams and take note of the specifics.

Ostrich symbolism can be helpful to people of all walks of life. It can warn of negative aspects of life, teach patience and calmness, and encourage you to work on your strengths and talents. Whether you want to be a great parent, a successful entrepreneur, or a happy family member, the ostrich can help.

A dream of an ostrich means you are a person of great ambition. As an ambitious individual, you will sacrifice and go to extremes to achieve your goals. However, you can also hurt others and cause trouble if you are not careful with your actions.

Negative Interpretation

If you dream of catching an ostrich, then you should be aware that you will be on an adventurous journey. You will also get to bond with your close friends and family. However, you might experience unexpected misfortune. So be sure to choose your battles wisely.

Symbolically, an ostrich represents wisdom and perseverance. They are long legged birds that have a sharp, pointed eye. Ostriches develop rapidly in the wild. Hence, they are great at decision making.

When you see an ostrich in a dream, it means you are able to overcome insecurity and doubt. It also indicates that you are able to act quickly and decisively in situations that are difficult. The ostrich is a symbol of optimism and hope for the future.

On the other hand, a wounded ostrich in a dream suggests that you are unable to solve a problem or you are being used by someone for their advantage. In the long run, you will find out that you have been misjudged.


If you dream of ostriches, you may be dealing with a dilemma in your life. This can be a result of some of your relationships building up stress. You must decide which ones to focus on and which ones to ignore.

The ostrich symbolizes a person who avoids problems when they are scary or unfavorable. It also teaches you to stay away when someone threatens you.

Ostriches are long-legged birds that develop quickly in the wild. They have sharp eyes and a quick pace. In their natural habitat, they are very fast-moving. These characteristics can represent the speed of your own personal development.

Dreaming of ostriches can also represent the ability to overcome insecurity. This can be a good thing. However, it can also reflect bad traits such as laziness or indecision.


The best part about the dream was that the ostrich was in no way attached to my body! After the experience I had a newfound respect for ostriches and their humans. For instance, my cat is a true ostrich aficionado! To my astonishment, he even showed off his ostrich knowledge at my dinner party! Of course, it was a good thing we had a pre-dinner drink or two. Luckily, my wife is a big ole’ aficionado too. Hence, the ostrich aficionado award. The one drawback was that we had to move into a new house. This prompted a much needed re-assessment of our living and dining areas. On the nitty gritty front, we had a new bedroom and a brand new bathroom to boot! Now we are well equipped to conquer the next chapter of our lives!