Dream About Holding Hands With Someone You Like

A dream about holding hands with someone you like has a very significant meaning. It may have both positive and negative interpretations. You should be aware of these before interpreting the dream for yourself.

Spiritual Meaning

Holding hands in a dream can have a lot of different meanings. It may reflect your desire to connect with a person or it can symbolize your fear of betrayal.

Holding hands in a dream can also indicate your need for companionship or affection. The relationship you are currently in may not be working out as you want it to. If your dreams are of holding hands with an ex, you could be feeling lonely or missing a connection.

Alternatively, holding hands in a dream may represent a positive situation. You might be looking to make a plan to get something done. You might be trying to overcome a difficult challenge. Or, you might be interested in a new adventure. Whether the person you are holding hands with is someone you know or someone you don’t, the dream can indicate the need to build up your confidence and take risks.

Positive Interpretation

Holding hands in dreams can be a good omen for a relationship. It signifies affection, care, and connection. If you dream of holding hands with someone, it can also mean you’ve recently had a rough time and are looking for reassurance.

Dreams can also indicate that you’re eager for love and attention. If you dream about holding hands with your crush, it could indicate that he or she likes you back. However, if you dream of holding hands with an ex, it might suggest that you’re missing the connection you had with him or her. This can be a good thing, as it shows you’re willing to let go of a former relationship, but it might not mean you’re ready to get back together.

Regardless of the underlying meaning of your dream, you should be aware of the fact that you can actually tell a lot about a person just by how you feel while shaking his or her hand. Judith Orloff, a renowned psychiatrist, says that the way you shake your partner’s hand can give you a pretty good idea of how she or he will act in the real world.

Negative Interpretation

If you dream of holding hands with someone you like, it is a sign of love and connection. It is also a sign that you are experiencing intense feelings of adoration. However, if you dream of holding hands with someone you dislike, it could be a negative interpretation of your dream. Depending on what you dream about, it can be a warning about a possible negative change in your life.

In the same way, it is a good idea to exercise caution when dealing with financial matters in a dream. You could be sunk in debt, or be struggling to make ends meet. Whether you are dealing with debt or a financial crisis, it is important to keep your emotions in check.

Dreams can give you a glimpse of how you will handle a difficult situation, and your loved ones are there to help. The problem is, some people deliberately try to hold you back from moving ahead.


When you dream of holding hands with someone you like, you’re showing that you care about that person. This dream is a good indicator that you’re interested in them and you’re looking forward to having a connection with them in real life.

It can also mean you’re feeling lonely. For instance, if you dream of other people holding their hands in your dream, this means you’re missing a person or an aspect of your life. If you dream of your ex, this can be an indication of your desire to be reunited with him or her. On the other hand, if you dream of holding hands with a stranger, this can represent your desire to connect with someone new.

Holding hands in your dreams can symbolize a number of different things. Depending on the context, they can refer to a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a group.


Holding hands in dream can have a number of meanings. One of the most common is that of love. It is a positive symbol of connection, affection and good luck.

Another commonly used symbol of love in dream is that of friendship. Getting to know someone can make any task easier. But if you’re worried about losing people close to you, dreaming of holding hands can help you gain a new perspective on your relationship.

Dreaming of holding hands with a friend can suggest that you have strong feelings about them. This can also indicate that you’re working on something together.

On the other hand, holding hands in a dream can be a signal that you’re not paying enough attention to your own needs. If you’re afraid that you’re not competent enough, this dream may indicate that you need to make a conscious effort to improve your skills.