Dream About Flying Underwater

Are you having a difficult time dealing with your emotions? Or are you trying to make sense of a confusing situation? Do you want to have a mysterious person in your life? You can’t seem to find the answer to a problem, and you keep feeling like you’re losing control.

Feeling overwhelmed emotionally

Floating on the ocean in a dream can represent a number of different things. Depending on how you interpret it, it can indicate anything from a strong spiritual connection to the ocean to an anxiety about the future.

A common type of underwater dream is one in which you feel overwhelmed emotionally. This can be a sign that you are overwhelmed by a current emotional situation in your life. You might be struggling to breathe or you might feel like you are out of control. The dream can also represent a need for a break or assistance from others.

Alternatively, you might be experiencing a heavy emotion that has been suppressed. Seeing something that represents that emotion can help release it from your psyche. Objects that fall into the water or sink in your dreams can be symbolic of your own feelings of guilt, shame, or fear. To get more insight into your subconscious mind, re-experience the objects you saw in your dreams and consider their meaning.