Dream About Eating Sick? The Biblical Significance of a Dream About Eating Sick

If you have a dream about eating sick, it could be a sign that you have an illness. In the Bible, it is also a sign of enlightenment and cleansing. You may need to take some action, especially if you have a skin problem, or if you have a problem with your love life.

Biblical meaning

The Biblical meaning of a dream about eating sick refers to the presence of evil in the life of the dreamer. In this type of dream, the enemy will attack the dreamer and weaken his spiritual potency. Hence, the person needs to seek deliverance and restoration.

It is a strategic spiritual attack against Christians. This is because the enemy wants to keep them weak and vulnerable. That is why he tries to cause sickness and mishaps in their waking life.

To avoid these negative omens, the dreamer should fast for three days after having a dream about vomiting. Aside from fasting, she must pray for anointing oil and anointing herself with it. Moreover, she should read Psalm 46, 59, and 83.