Dream About Arguing Someone

If you dream about arguing someone, you are probably going through a period of difficulty in your relationship. This may be because you have repressed feelings or you are being accused of a crime. You will want to find out the truth in order to resolve the problem.

Predicts being falsely accused of a crime

The risk of being falsely accused of a crime is higher for black people than for white people. Researchers have found that prosecutors tend to charge black people with more serious crimes, and that implicit racial bias can influence charging decisions. However, if an individual is convicted, there is a small chance they will be able to clear their name with the help of DNA evidence. In some cases, a defendant may be freed from prison after being found innocent by a forensic expert. But these exonerations are a relatively rare occurrence. Only 3 to 5 percent of capital crimes result in an exoneree being able to clear their name.