Meaning of Dream About Clown

Meaning of Dream About Clown

A clown in your dream can mean several things. It may mean that you’re insincere, careless, or unreliable. It can also mean that you’re unable to deal with a negative situation. It could also mean that you have a childish personality. A clown in your dream may also indicate that you’re prone to making people laugh.


If you’re dreaming of a clown, you may be suffering from insincerity. You may be afraid of people who seem to be happy and carefree, but in reality are actually hiding something that could harm you. This dream may also signal a need to control your buffoonery or be more playful.

Whether the clown is male or female, insincerity can have different meanings. For female clowns, the dream could be about seduction and power. The male clown may be about foolishness and helplessness. The dreamer may be a solitary person or a person who enjoys entertaining people.

Dreams about clowns can be very symbolic. Sometimes the clown is a clown who is malevolent, which can represent the dreamer’s fears or psychic aspects related to their “shadow.” The clown may also represent insincerity in a relationship. In addition to being a representation of insincerity, a dream about a clown can also represent aggression hidden underneath a fool’s appearance.

If you dream of a clown who attacks you, this dream can also be a warning to avoid someone with the qualities of a clown. You might feel rejected by someone or be afraid of embarrassing yourself in public. Regardless of the interpretation of your dream, it’s important to remember that the clown in your dream may be your inner clown. In addition to being a warning to avoid a person with clown-like traits, a clown dream can also indicate a desire to make changes in your personality to be more sincere.

When a clown appears in your dream, it shows your unconscious attitude towards your morality and conscience. This can lead to disastrous consequences such as bankruptcy or a dwindling reputation. Having this dream also shows that you tend to conceal your mistakes and failures from others.


Dreaming of a clown can symbolize a number of different things. For some people, it means a careless attitude or feeling. Other people associate the clown with impulsivity and an inability to control one’s emotions. Whatever the case may be, a dream about a clown can also mean an unresolved problem.

When the clown is malevolent, it represents the dreamer’s fear of something. It can also symbolize psychic aspects related to the “shadow” or’shadow’ of the dreamer. It may also suggest a lack of awareness of one’s own emotions, and a need to broaden one’s horizons.

If a clown is eating you in your dream, you may have been too prideful to ask for help. You may be a victim of bullying at work or at school. Others may laugh at you and make you the laughingstock of town. In addition, the presence of a clown may indicate that you are being careless in your daily life.

Dreaming about a clown may also be a warning against sketchy business ventures. It can also symbolize the pressure of friends to get you involved in an illegal business. Making such decisions may result in significant financial setbacks and can damage your social reputation. When you dream about a clown, try to keep your cool and keep your head.

The clown in your dream may also represent a failed attempt to communicate with your partner. If you are not willing to break your old habits, your partner may not want to help you get your point across. You may want to find someone else who is trustworthy and able to help you. The clown dream may also reflect an attempt to hide your feelings.

Dreaming about a clown costume may also represent a sense of desperation. You may be feeling depressed and unhappy about a particular situation. Alternatively, it may be a sign of a close friend betraying you. In either case, you should take time to analyze the individual and the situation surrounding your dream.