Meaning of Dream About Cards and Symbols

Meaning of Dream About Cards and Symbols

Dreaming of cards and their symbols may mean one of several things. For a woman, it can mean a secret romantic relationship. For a man, it means keeping your emotions under control. When you express your emotions out of control, they can damage social status and personal relationships. They may also be difficult to correct. Therefore, a dream involving cards is a sign to keep your emotions in check. The following are some examples of what you might see in your dream.

Optimist in dreaming of building a house of cards

The dream of building a house of cards is a sign that you are an optimist. This means you are able to find the good in any situation and are respected by others. You are also able to solve problems, which is a great quality to have.

Optimist in dreaming of paying credit card annual fees

Paying credit card annual fees in dream is symbolic of paying the price for lifestyle or social status. If you are paying a monthly fee, then you are making a commitment in your waking life – a commitment of time and money. You may be earning rewards and credits from your credit card and this will make you attractive to potential business partners. You will earn trust and cooperation from others.

Optimist in dreaming of paying your credit card annual fees symbolizes inner guidance and intuition. The dreamer should carefully consider a decision or endeavor, if they are prompted by the dream. Otherwise, they may end up in a dangerous or awkward situation.

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