Dream About Someone Doing Black Magic

Dream About Someone Doing Black Magic

The symbol black magic has many meanings. It may signify someone who has negative influence over you, or it may even indicate a person using drugs or medicine. Whatever the meaning is, it is never what it seems. It is all about manipulating energy. Our intention determines how we manifest our desired results.


Dreams about black magic are often filled with dark imagery. In many cases, dreams about black magic are about someone who is trying to hurt you, or someone else. If you dream that you are being hurt, you need to think about why you are feeling this way. This may be a sign that you are dealing with some unresolved issues in your waking life. In addition, dreams about black magic can represent the feelings of fear and powerlessness that you have in your life.

Dreams about dark magic can be scary, but they can be helpful if you know what to look for. You should be aware that black magic is generally considered dangerous and should never be attempted. If you dream about someone doing this, it is important to stay away from them. They will try to harm you, so you should be extra careful.

Dreams about black magic can also be confusing because they can involve a lot of different symbols. One common symbol is the color black. The color black is associated with wickedness, so if you dream about someone wearing black, they may be your worst enemy. It is also possible that the person is doing black magic to make you feel bad.

In addition to threatening, harmful, or immoral acts, dreams about black magic can also symbolize the power of the occult. While a dream about someone doing black magic may appear to be a symptom of a darkly-charged person, it could also be a warning sign that you need to examine your beliefs and behavior.

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