Meaning of Dream About Revolution

A dream about revolution represents transformation. A revolution in a dream signifies a shift in your feelings about a circumstance, relationship, or person. You may believe that you are taking advantage of someone or something, or that you are attempting to solve a problem by exerting control over the situation. Furthermore, the dream might signal that you are nearing the conclusion of a cycle. You may have reached the conclusion of a cycle, such as aging or death, and desire to shut the book on that chapter of your life.


If you have a dream about revolution, it means you are feeling the urge to alter something. It might reflect the notion of altering your perspective on the world or your behavior toward others. It might also represent the necessity to pay extra attention to a certain issue or circumstance. Dreaming about revolution might also be seen as a sign of resistance against power. You may believe that people in authority are oppressing you.

If you dream about revolution, it indicates that you are attempting to alter something in your life that is making you unhappy. You can be feeling bad about anything you did in the past. You may also believe that you need to make significant changes in your life, such as changing your views. This dream may also signify that you should pay greater attention to your relationships.


Dreaming about a revolution may be seen as a metaphor for your desire for change and independence from others. Your dreams may also depict someone close to you attempting to take advantage of you. They may also indicate that you are striving to be your person, or that you are having difficulties with self-esteem or independence. In other circumstances, it may represent death or the end of a cycle, or it may indicate that you are ready to shut the door on the past.

The dream of a revolution might also signify a significant shift in your personality, especially if you’re experiencing conflict between your emotional and intellectual sides. Your elitism and logic may be interfering with your emotional life, generating conflict in your life.

Importance in Islam

A dream involving an Islamic revolution might be relevant in several respects. Such dreams, according to Islamic belief, are the consequence of a divinely inspired spiritual experience. These experiences may be quite powerful, particularly if they are linked to a true historical event. A dream involving a revolution in Islam, for example, might be tied to the emergence of the prophet Mohammed.

According to Ibn Qutaybah, dreams are an extension of Prophethood and revelation. In Islam, this interpretation of a dream carries significant significance. The Caliphate of Baghdadi is likewise attempting to harness the power of dreams to achieve its objectives. To mobilize supporters, the Caliphate has used apocalyptic and millennial language.

A dream involving an Islamic revolution might be a prophetic sign. According to this interpretation, the prophet foretells that Islam would not be the same once the Ottoman Empire falls in the early twentieth century. The Islamic administration will permit the operation of thousands of political centers, including mosques.


Dreams about revolution are often associated with sentiments of revolt, a yearning for change, or a conflict inside the psyche. A dream about revolution may also represent a struggle for independence, self-esteem, or individualism. Your dreams might also be a sign that a significant shift is about to come into your life.

Your revolution dream might be a sign that you need to make a change or confront an uncomfortable scenario. Maybe you feel taken advantage of by someone. Pay attention to the issue if you wish to alter the situation. In your dream, revolution might signify the conclusion of a cycle, death, or aging. You may feel compelled to defy the present authorities in your life.

When you dream about revolution, you may be going through a huge transition in your life. A revolution in your dream may represent a conflict with your inner sentiments if you are a member of the aristocracy. You may also experience a strong desire to reconnect with your mother. Revolutions represent substantial life changes that might occur unexpectedly. You may need to alter your approach to relationships.