Meaning of Dream About Being Strangled by Someone You Know

Meaning of Dream About Being Strangled by Someone You Know

Strangulation is a warning sign that something is wrong. A dream of someone strangling you might be an indication that you are in trouble. You might be feeling betrayed or are disharmony inside. Your dream may also be a sign that you have lost someone you care about.

Strangulation is a sign of inner disharmony

Strangulation is a type of self-harm that aims to control or stop a person’s breathing. It is often accompanied by an intense physical pain. The victim may also experience ringing in their ears, swelling of the tongue, or cuts in their mouth and neck. In severe cases, the victim may experience difficulty swallowing, breathing, or changing their voice. Other possible symptoms include neurological damage such as memory loss, dizziness, or extreme weakness.


If you’ve ever dreamed of being strangled by someone you know, you’ve probably felt a bit of betrayal. This dream may also represent a need to make up with someone, an issue with your ego, or feelings of hopelessness. Regardless of why you dreamt of someone strangling you, this dream is a powerful message that you need to take action right away.

Dreams involving being strangled can indicate the need to be protected, particularly from an unwanted situation. This dream can also indicate that you’re feeling trapped, and disconnected from your own maternal instincts. Alternatively, a dream about being strangled by someone you love can reflect a repression of expression and an unwelcome aspect of yourself that you’re not allowing yourself to express.

Betrayed dreams usually represent a situation where you feel your worth has been violated. This dream often shows that you have spent your time and energy trying to please others. Alternatively, it may be a sign of guilt or shame. Your feelings may also indicate that you’re not taking advantage of the opportunities that you have, or that you’ve failed to make the most of your potential.

When you’re feeling a sense of reliance on someone, your dream could indicate that you need to share your workload. You may feel unable to express your own ideas, and this may be a sign of deceit. This dream also suggests that you’ve been avoiding responsibility and feeling insignificant. If you haven’t been feeling this way recently, it’s a good sign that you’re seeking new adventures and experiences.

If your dream involves being strangled, it may indicate that you’re feeling frustrated with a relationship or situation that is no longer working. It may also indicate that you need to take stock of your own needs and values and consider your options. The snake in your dream could also represent a fear or burden that you’re carrying around in your everyday life.

If you dream about being strangled by someone you know, this dream is telling you that you’re trying to get out of a limiting situation, such as a relationship with a partner. It’s also a warning to stop being self-indulgent or ignoring your own feelings. Your self-worth and inner value may be under attack, and you may feel a need for direction. Your love life may be struggling, and you may have to confront some financial issues as well.

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