Meaning of Dream About Being Evicted

Meaning of Dream About Being Evicted

The dream of being evicted is a symbol of guilt, selflessness, and an urge to incorporate other people’s qualities into your own. It also suggests a desire to grow spiritually and mentally. You may be egocentric and feel that everything revolves around you. You may also feel rejected by friends and secretive.


Dreams about evictions often suggest that something isn’t as it seems. There is a cloud of suspicion that hangs over the dreamer. They may have been irresponsible or have acted rashly. They may have felt they got away with something and now must make amends.

Dreams about being evicted often indicate a need for security and reinforcement. If you are being evicted in a dream, you may need to work on getting rid of any unpleasant situations that have been plaguing your life. You may have missed an important detail or are underprepared. This dream may also show a need to improve the quality of your life, whether it is career-related or personal.


Dreaming of being evicted can be a sign of overconfidence, and can occur when you feel you can win the game. One example is Mahek, a contestant on Big Brother Canada. Mahek is confident that she will win the game, but she’s unsure how to win it.


Dreaming about eviction is a sign of scrupulous reliability and selflessness. If you are conciliatory and reliable, you will have no trouble getting what you want from people. Oftentimes, people will take advantage of your conciliatory nature and take advantage of the fact that you are trustworthy. Depending on the meaning of this dream, it may also indicate cash inflow.

Breakdown in communication

One common thread connecting eviction and job loss is bandwidth. In both cases, uncertainty surrounds the situation, making it worse. When eviction is a dream, the subject knows that he’s about to be evicted, but the uncertainty about the situation can be very frightening.

A dream about being evicted often represents a breakdown of communication between two people. It can be a metaphor for life’s ups and downs, or it can be a metaphor for not being able to stop a situation from falling apart. It may also represent an inability to satisfy your friends or family. Having been evicted can also be a metaphor for not feeling good enough or being entitled.