Meaning of Dream About AIDS

Meaning of Dream About AIDS

Having a dream about AIDS can be frightening. However, the best way to cope with such nightmares is to talk to a therapist. A therapist will help you explore your fears and explore the meaning of your dreams. For example, you may be having recurring dreams of being infected with HIV or seeing a child infected with the disease.

Having HIV in a dream

Having HIV in a dream can indicate the need to care for your loved ones more. This dream will also suggest that you need to be discreet. Having HIV in a dream will also warn you against making a decision that will have a negative effect on your life.

Having HIV in a dream can indicate an upcoming career change. Your new career could include an opportunity to be more independent and creative. In addition, it could also indicate a sudden windfall of money. The money could come from inheritance or from a close relative’s death. However, it will not be a huge amount of money.

Maggie Solomoni is an activist for the DREAMS initiative. She is HIV-negative and a good example for young women in Africa. HIV has hit sub-Saharan Africa the hardest, with young women and adolescent girls accounting for 70 percent of new infections. Maggie has worked to prevent new infections of HIV by educating young girls and women about the disease. But her efforts have a much wider impact than preventing the spread of the disease.

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